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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Good things come to those who... don't have Sky

I posted a while ago ( here, in fact) about the end of the second series of Prison Break.

The third series - sorry, I mean Season Three - was only shown on Sky 1 and as Virgin who supply our cable telly had fallen out with Sky at the time, I never got to see it.

Imagine my delight when the DVD turned up as a belated birthday present! Top quality stuff!

And as if the storyline wasn't interesting enough, there's a new character.

Danay Garcia as Sofia Lugo:

She's awfy nice.


Monday, 11 June 2007


They actually could have resolved Prison Break tonight, you know. What a cracking series though. The next one'll be interesting, not least because there's a few less characters to juggle!

I didn't post anything about the walk yesterday because I ended back up at Blair Atholl. It was a good day.

When I'd gone up on Saturday, I'd taken the wrong Faskally cutoff & ended up in the forest park. Even on a very quick circuit round the one way system, it looked like a nice place - lily covered loch, woodland trails, dog friendly - so me & Marion collected my mum & the dugs & went back up on Sunday afternoon. The weather was kind to us, & Molly enjoyed herself getting a wee run about beside what is indeed a very picturesque loch, with a boathouse & everything.

Wee picnic, wee wander & then onto Blair Atholl where we sat in the beer garden of the Atholl Arms hotel in glorious sunshine and had a couple of drinks. Marvellous. The Bothy Bar at the hotel was really nice too, and it is dog-friendly as well, so that's good to know for future reference. Any pub where the barman comes back out to the beer garden specially to bring dog biscuits is OK by me.

Monday, 4 June 2007


I don't understand why the money would still be in T-Bag's rucksack. I'm terrible at working these things out, right enough. Authenticity in case they checked at some point? Maybe that's it. The answer may be revealed towards the end of series 3, of course...

Only two more Prison Breaks this series

When it's the only telly you watch, it's important.

I reckon this blogging thing is simply an online diary. It doesn't have to be for anyone else's benefit, & unless and until I hit a seam of form, or an approach which would enable it to be of interest to anyone else, it stays as secret as this sort of thing can be. So I don't think I'll proceed on the basis that these entries are for "my readers" for instance. Not quite yet.

I'm still keeping half an eye on OM, but the decision to stop posting, while made mainly to cut down on the amount of time I'm spending on there has turned out interesting. When you don't feel the need to respond to certain things, it puts the forum back into its proper perspective - which is a harmless diversion, really. The antagonism, the belittling, the goading are just how some folk get their jollies. Like spray painting Bothwell castle, or firing your litter out the car window, I suppose. So it bothers me, but you're never going to get them to stop it, so it's one of life's minor annoyances. There'll always be another idiot along to fill any vacancy that arises through someone maturing.

The step back has also confirmed my view that the show-aff know it all approach grinds my gears even more severely. That, coupled with the cliquey knowing slyness in some cases is more reprehensible, I think. The voice of reason sometimes speaks with forked tongue. It's nothing I didny know anyway, mind you.

Turning to outdoors matters, Dartmoor can't happen. Too many dugs, ill, wee & otherwise. I need to get something sorted for this weekend though. I'll let all my readers know what the options are in due course.