Thursday 31 May 2007


Molly's leg problems continue, I'm afraid. Marion came home tonight to find that the dug could hardly get up, so naturally it was stright down to the vets. He seems pretty sure it's a recurrence of the panosteitis, because the condition is moving around her leg(s) as it were. He gave her a thorough examination, & seems to have ruled out most other things, although we have to keep a close eye on her for any other signs of illness.

She's looking & feeling pretty sorry for herself at the moment, but hopefully the painkilling injection she got will kick in shortly. After that, it's back on the Metacam, no exercise for two weeks & then another gradual buildup. Poor thing. The vet says she's unfortunately just one of those animals who'll suffer from it until she grows out of it. As that will take at least another year, it's bad news whatever way you look at it.

I'll no' pretend I'm not concerned.

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