Monday 4 June 2007


Aye - what about the weekend, then? It looks like I'll have to take Friday off to be here for the dugs, the way Marion's shifts are working out. However, if I'm here all morning, then she can do a normal shift. Which would mean I could disappear at lunchtime. Which would maybe mean that if I choose carefully, I could get up a hill on the Friday, perhaps en route to a camping spot, sleep over, do a hill on Saturday & then get back down sharpish thereafter. Derry Lodge might not be the best option for that kind of trip actually. Anyway, I think I should probably save that for when Molly's better, or Jorja's bigger - it's an awful good setup for dugs, mainly because you've got somewhere to go & sit if the heavens are open all hours.

Actually, come to think of it, what about the shiny new MBA membership. Any options opened up by the handbook? Or just a proper wildcamp...
Which thought reminded me how much I enjoyed my first one near Rannoch, for Sgor Ghaibhre & the other one, as it's known in the Gaelic. Which, in turn, is why this post now starts with that photie.
Hmmm - aye, I fancy that, if at all possible. I'm glad I brought it up now.

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