Monday 11 June 2007

Results in Reverse Order

Aye - the hills on Saturday were good! It turned out I had plenty of time, so was able to indulge in the interesting pursuit of "find a public toilet in Pitlochry". If they were as organised with the signposts for the actual public loos as they are with their "comfort partnership" signage, it'd make life easier. Particularly because the Festival Theatre toilets aren't open to the public 'til 10 am. The charm of the chap who advised me of that fact on arrival more than made up for any disappointment, of course.

So, tea with the boys thereafter & then we decided to do a sort of circuit of the hills so took two cars. Tramped up and through the heather on the slopes of 'A Bhuidenaich Beag, with everybody struggling for beer/fitness/ankle/foot-related reasons. Once you're up though, it is actually really nice. Also, the whole day had a leisurely, relaxed, pottery(?) feel to it. The wander over to Carn na Caim was just the ticket. Saw the photogenic frog, got a couple of photies of Gordy's moment of triumph, & were even serenaded on the moothie by the chap we'd met at the top of the first hill. Nice moment.

We weren't in any hurry on the way down either, in keeping with the pace of the day. I never thought it'd take us 6 hours - good fun all round!

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