Thursday 2 August 2007

An old-fashioned week?

Strange, really. Monday at work was spent persuading myself that I should only worry about one thing at a time. So I concentrated on the Debate, in the office in the afternoon. I still ended up doing a couple of hours solid at home later, right enough.

In the event, a tardy Sheriff and an acceptance by t'other side that they'd have to address the medical evidence at least, led to a discharge.

Back at work by lunchtime, & actually started to get to grips with the Proof preparation.

I was getting a bit worked up, right enough & when I got home I started the old clockwatching thing.

Pushed myself to open the books at about 8-ish, which wisny bad.

By the time I decided to retire I had a (very brief!) game plan, so that was summat.

Slightly surprised to see Counsel there the next morning, I'll admit. I think we're singing from the same authorities at least, although I've got to stretch their meaning rather more than he has. We'll see. Anyhoo, it went aff through lack of Court time - and the Sheriff no' wanting to do it - at lunchtime. Felt sorry for Ken from Ricon.

Whit a system.

Then today - poor Lorna. And Colin of course. And Davie & the kids. It's odd - me & Davie are very very close when we meet & yet I'd no' seen him for, what, 18 months? I'd initially forgotten that he actually left for my Dad's funeral from the house!

I need to try & make the whole thing, I think.

I need to try & get away for a new hill at some point over the four days off as well...


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