Sunday 21 October 2007

Summer House Sunday

Oh, and then we got the basic box bit of the structure up. Problem with my counting skills, but that only took about 20 minutes to resolve. One of the windows doesn't seem to have been fixed/nailed/glued/screwed though, & it was pure luck that it didn't just fall out altogether when it was opened to test the handle!

I'll maybe go to Newhouse & see the guy tomorrow. Gives me an excuse to ask a few more questions at the same time, re bracing, what are all the extra bits of wood for, etc. ;0)

We couldn't have done much more than make a start on the roof, even if we'd kept going today so probably just as well we stopped when we did. If the window unit turns out to need replacing, I wouldn't have wanted to find that out after the roof was on!

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