Saturday 12 January 2008

Too Late for Christmas posts

First time ever I've had two weeks off work. I should have posted during the holiday, to see where the time went.

As far as I remember...

Thursday 20th - office day/night out to The Ballet. Lots of dancing. say no more.
Friday 21st. Last day at work, 4pm finish - what to do for the next 2 weeks. Was pretty much organised. Much drinking.

Took the dogs up Ben Venue on the Sunday (23rd). I think those Grivel spidery crampony things might be worthwhile. The path was an icy death slide - sort of - all the way up.

Actually, I can't remember much about Christmas Eve. martha wanted to open her presents as soon as midnight came - well, once you reach 70 you can do what you want. That inevitably led to an enormous over-consumption of alcohol on my part which meant...

...Christmas day was really a topping-up exercise. Robert & his girlfriend took my mum home about 7:30 that night, which was kind of them. she was struggling with the cold anyway. At 8:00 I went out to fix Homer who was having a fraught time in the windy conditions, & I promptly rattled my heid off the raised garage door. Immediate retiral to bed, which was a good thing, in hindsight. Very quiet Boxing day

Wednesday 27th. Hmmm. blank

Thursday 28th. Nope.

Friday 29th. Ooh - summat happened! Ben Vane with Gordy. the weather wasn't as bad as it could have been. Timing worked out fine. It's always good when you can get a cup of tea before you leave, & a bacon roll when you arrive.

Saturday 30th. Posh dinner party at ours. ;0) Gordon, Tracy, Paul, Fiona, Marion & me. Wine was consumed. Buck's a party animal. Wish I could remember songs on the guitar!

Hogmanay. Pretty quiet. Paul & Fi came back over, this time with Avril. Quick pint before Capo's shut at 10:30(!) & the Still Game, champagne & good craic.

Apart from dogwalking, New Year's day passed quietly and indeed soberly! Two weeks holiday means you can have a day off the drink! Astonishing.

On the 2nd, we were going to head for Troon beach with the dogs, but it was awfy cold & blustery. Headed for Callander instead, & had a nice wander & then dinner at the Lade Inn. Dugs made most welcome. Nice day, nice decorations in Callander.

The Thursday was spent getting totally organised for the return to Buachaille Etive Mor. To get it done meant a 5:30 rise. As I was still lying awake at 4:00, I decided I didn't really fancy it. I'll go on Saturday.

Friday 4th January. Lasted till about 8pm before I decided that I'd rather spend another evening drinking, than get up early & walk up a hill. Hey, it's the holidays.

Saturday 5th. Too hungover to drink. Irony, eh? Last night of freedom too.

Sunday 6th. No' great. Where did the time go?

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