Sunday 6 July 2008

Yesterday in Parliament

It was technically yesterday.

Up at 6-ish to get hillwalk organised. Had enough time, just about, to take the dogs down the park for half an hour, which worked out well. I went straight from Bothwell Castle over to Hamilton to get Kevin, who, er, wasn't entirely ready. Half an hour late leaving my house (where we had to go back to so that the dugs could be dropped off, of course).

I'd had a card from the Royal Mail through the door on Thursday re a packet that they'd tried to deliver, so as we were to be passing the depot on the way to pick up Andy, I thought I'd just pop in en route. Note the date - we got stuck behind the Bellshill Orange Walk. It took a while for them to pass, no doubt because the majority of them had only learned to walk that morning.

Oh - the parcel was the "Redundancy Sporran and Belt Kit". Perfect. I'm really glad I ordered the stuff. Good choice for once, I think/hope.

Anyway, eventually we were off to Ballachullish. Kevin's right, incidentally - pop into the Laroch and explain you're looking for a forwarding address, and they'll probably know everybody.

Navigation error #1: the way in is off the Oban road.

Navigation error#2: just because we were going to Gleann a Chaolais, doesn't mean that we should have followed the sign for Gleann a Chaolais.

Navigation error #3: the bealach we could see almost as soon as we left the car wasn't THE bealach.

Navigation error#4: on the way down, if the idea was to return by the outward route, we should have made sure we didn't miss the forest path. Still, the path we followed was much better, and joined the "proper" outward route about 5 minutes further on. I should write to McNeish and tell him that if you veer left from his directions, & head towards the "dead end" road marked on the map, you should see on the right an appealing way to gain height without tangling with the conifers.

Still, good day out.

113. Lucky for some!

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