Wednesday 17 September 2008

No Dogs Allowed

So, we're trying to organise a wee camping trip at the weekend. Plan is to go to Bunroy campsite on Friday, walk up a hill or two on Saturday, and stay over again that night. The campsite takes dogs, but I thought I'd better phone the hotel in Roy Bridge, just along the road from the site to check if I can take the dog into the bar.

Now I can completely understand - well maybe not completely, but I can understand - if a hotel simply takes a decision not to permit dugs in. But when the lady says that the hotel isn't "allowed" to let dogs in...well that's just nonsense. It's clearly meant to be a broad hint of all kinds of health and safety, or hygiene mayhem that would ensue if they broke that rule imposed upon them by, er, well the hotel polis, I suppose. Why don't they just tell you they don't want dugs in their pub?

Anyhoo, feck 'em. We're going to Fort Augustus instead.


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