Saturday 20 September 2008

This Yin and That Yin

According to Hamish Brown, according to McNeish.

We were walking by about 10:45. The rum and the beer were still making themselves felt a wee bit, and it did feel like a slog when we set out. Even though the weather was pretty poor, and the rain pretty constant, it was warm and generally heavy going. I was able to let Jorja off the lead after about 10 minutes or so. That coincided with me spotting a wee clutch of sheep down at the dam, but the dug never clocked them, so after another few minutes I freed her again.

We were expecting a fairly steep climb up Meall Cian Dearg. We weren't disappointed. It's just a tiny bit scrambly as the path weaves up through craggy stuff, but slight hangovers notwithstanding we raced up, barely pausing for breath.

Aye, right.

The dog enjoyed herself, and it was useful practice for her, if that doesn't sound too bizarre, because she had to watch her footing, and not do anything daft, and not run straight off the jaggy bits if she decided to come back and see us. So, pretty good to know.

Up that first steep climb, the gradient eases and then there were a couple of more gradual rises. Wishful thinking led us to the hope that we were at the summit about 15 minutes before we really were, but it was misty, so it wisny our fault.

The top wasn't really a place to hang about, as the wind was getting up by then and it was definitely on the parky side. Followed the path down to the bealach and then set off upwards again. I wasn't keeping an eye on the time, but it honestly felt like one of the shortest summit to summit gaps between Munros that I've ever done. I mean last week me & Andy took more than two hours to get from one top to the next. I genuinely think this journey was over in no more than about 25 minutes. Or maybe the fact that it was so fecking steep is affecting my recall. My calfs are still protesting, and it's Monday evening noo.

Descent was pretty poor altogether. I can't be bothered reliving it, but suffice to say this hill would be better done as a linear route. "Dismantled railway" my arse. Nobody who's walked along it remotely recently would recommend it, that's a certainty.

Overall we were walking for about 7 hours. Back to Fort Augustus to have a bite to eat in the Lock Inn which was more welcoming than the Bothy Bar from last night. Maybe because the Bothy Bar was full on the Saturday, and they weren't in quite as much need of our money as they had been the previous evening.

The small black dug was an extremely knackered small black dug by this stage but she was still able to raise a heavy head and wag a weary tail at the pretty Canadian students who were fussing all over her. Marvellous things, dugs.



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  2. Just thought that you should know that your "clicky thing" link's no good for non-members.

    Anyway, how's the "social experiment" going? You've been bookmarked in my sidebar for ages now, and nobody's said a word to me about it. Do your site-stats show that you've been discovered?

  3. Ah right. Cheers Stef. I've put a plaster on it meantime.

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    Nice photie btw!