Thursday 16 October 2008

The Power of T'Internet

I was at court today for a wee chap who was technically 21, but whose age in "proper mature years" was closer to about 16. Anyhoo, his former girlfriend was asking the court to stop his contact with the baby girl who was the fruit of their shortlived relationship. The basis of that request was that he wasn't really interested in the wean, and didn't turn up for the arranged contact visits, and would rather be away out with his pals, etc, etc.

A common lament.

Our hero however had the perfect excuse for his failure to attend on one particular occasion. It had been his Grandad's funeral that day.

It might have worked, had his ex-partner - in a display of ingenuity uncommon in Central Scotland litigants - not decided to have a quick look through the boy's Bebo page and discovered that he'd posted photos of himself pished at T in the Park on the day in question.

She'd even printed a few off, to show the judge.

Sometimes you've just got to rely on the mercy of the Court.



  1. Brilliant!

    Was the Court merciful?

  2. Luckily, it was a female Judge, so she confined herself to using withering sarcasm and verbal humiliation.

    I thought she was going to make him stand in the Court Naughty Corner at one point.

    Suffice it to say he knows he's on his very very VERY last chance.