Sunday 18 January 2009

Ben Venue

The forecast had improved a wee bit on Friday night, at least in the sense that the hurricanes and whiteouts weren't expected to arrive until dusk on Saturday. Which was nice.

Owing to a lack of organisational ability, I found myself retiring in a sober state on Friday evening, so I decided on the spur of the moment just to head for the Trossachs.

The Achray Water just at the new(ish) arched bridge was fuller than I've ever seen it before, and that's bearing in mind that I must have been up Ben Venue more than 10 times. It's one of those default hills, like Meikle Bin, whenever anything else is too far away, or would take too long.

The weather held up fine. It was only when I was getting back to the car about 4-ish that the wind and rain picked up. I took both the dugs. I didn't forget my camera this time - I just couldn't find it.


I got a couple of blurry photies on my phone though, just for posterity.


  1. Must admit Ben Venue has been one of my fallbacks as well though I haven't been up for about a year I think. I take it you went up from the Achray side given the mention of the bridge. Have they cleared the trees over the path (higher up in the forest) yet? I remember a bit of limbo dancing on my last visit. Then there's the wooden boardwalk at the end of the forest before heading up the corrie...or as I like to think of it the yellow launch pad into the bog! Great hill for views though. Last time I actually walked all the way around it...which was a great trip because it allowed me to come back through Bealach nam Bo. If you haven't done it I would highly recommend it for something a bit different. I think I've put the route in The Fatdog Repository under Ben Venue (strangely enough). I'll check anyway and if its not there load it up.

  2. Aye, some helpful soul has been out with a chainsaw to make the wander up that section of the path a bit more straightforward!

    I've only ever gone up and down it the same way to be honest - I'll look into that alternative for the next time. Have to keep the dogs interest level up!