Thursday 29 January 2009

A bit of a Scooby do

Well, after months of the car having to be started with the manual override keypad, because I, in my technical wisdom, had decided that any repair to the immobiliser set up would be hideously expensive; and despite the fact that the keypad is only designed for emergency use, and accordingly it wasn't that surprising that it was getting a wee bit temperamental and erratic at the continual pounding it was receiving; and regardless of the fact that I was getting increasingly wound up about the whole will it/won't it start thing and yet kept resisting the idea that we should actually book it into the garage for repair, I was still protesting moaning and prophesying doom when Marion decided to take it up to the dealer today.... and they fixed it for free.

I really am a complete erse.


  1. Enjoyed the post, brought back memories of being stranded in a petrol station forecourt in paisley for a 1hour. Sitting like a t.. with a key pad pointing at a small red light on the dash. tommy

  2. Lol - thanks for that Tommy - I'm glad I'm not the only one that struggles sometimes.


    It was certainly a nice feeling to get back to the car park at Linn O' Dee this afternoon and be confident that I'd get the thing started without any fuss!