Tuesday 20 January 2009

Botheration 2

I've now got a static label cloud - better than nothing I suppose. It's supposed to be moving though.

How odd.

I'm usually that good with computers, too.

(10 minutes later edit: actually, on closer perusal of the instructions that one's no' supposed to be fecking moving!)


  1. On the subject of label clouds - I tried one a couple of weeks ago but the feedback I got was "difficult to read".

    Having said that yours is very clear but I think it's because your font is much slimmer than mine.

    Nothin' like reading the instructions though (LOL) - not something I'm particularly good at myself I have to admit.

  2. Don't give up, Scott. Fire off a support request to the Cumulus Cloud author (Roy Tanck) and get the original fixed and working again.

  3. Excellent idea BG!

    "Dear Roy,
    I'm brilliant at working computers and the internet holds no mysteries for me. On that basis, I'm clear in my view that the failure of this allegedly animated labelcloud to move even the slightest wee bit is all down to breathtaking incompetence on your part.

    Kind regards,



  4. Although - his is the one that just won't appear any more. It's not the one that won't move.

    So, even for comic effect, that wasn't an accurate thing to write.

    This whole logic/technology thing plays havoc with your sense of humour, so it does.


  5. You could "cross the floor" to join us of the WordPress faction, where we have a range of hammers that you can borrow. Applied correctly, any one of them should move your cloud :-)

  6. Slightly ironically, I had a WordPress blog all set up originally, before I moved to this one. Not only can I not remember why I changed, I can't remember what the account was, or the password or anything. Which is why I'm commenting on fatdogwalks site with the inventive handle "scottonwordpress".


    Oh, and you'll maybe have guessed that I've spent the evening trying to get the animated cloud to work. The fact that I've managed to break the unanimated cloud as well now would have been a clue.

  7. If you're that good at getting rid of clouds, come down here and work your magic on our night sky (or lack thereof) so that I can get some use out of this festrous telescope.

    It beggars belief that you've been the author of TWO secret blogs!