Thursday 22 January 2009

Technology Conquered

The static labelcloud's back. I should probably have taken a wee bit more notice of the warnings plastered all over the HTML editing suite to "save your template before you start footering" but hey, life's no' meant to be easy.


Once I realised that my various attempts the other night had meant there were wee bits of labelcloud code lying around in unhelpful corners, it occurred to me that I could probably get shot of them manually and have another go. (I don't understand why the "revert to default" button wasn't clearing them all away, right enough.)

It's still a mystery why the animated one won't fire up again with that 'starting from scratch' approach. However, destructive testing carried out at the third secret blog site - here - indicates that you can get the animated one to play at first, but if you thereafter click on the Blogger "edit" option (the wee screwdrivery/spanner symbol for those of you who don't have my cybernous) then the cloud disappears and thereafter you're completely Donald Ducked. (Unless you go right back to the no labels at all stage and start again. And I doubt I've got the motivation to do that with this one. Particularly in case that theory isn't necessarily watertight!)

I diagnose some sort of "conflict" among all that daft letters and brackets concoction, arising because you've tried to get Blogger to edit something Blogger didn't come up with in the first place.

Right - that's computers learned. I'm awa' to take up the accordion now.

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