Thursday 12 February 2009


I keep harbouring thoughts about getting a different domain name for the blog. The Blogger rules (or whatever they call them) say it's no problem to organise that. I actually registered a couple of domain names a wee while back, but true to form I haven't done anything about making the alterations.

I don't know why, because I'd only need to email about six folk to tell them I'd done a cyber flitting. Youse know who you are.


Anyway, the idle thought occurred the other night that due to the repeated use of the phrase on here, the domain name "" might be the very thing.

Sadly it's unavailable. However, among the alternatives suggested by the domain name registration website was... "".

I'm awfy tempted.


  1. What happened to stopjessiehiking dot whatever?

  2. On reflection, I thought that would be too much of a political statement for me.

    I'll probably stick to making the occasional sarky remarks about it.