Monday 23 February 2009

Thursday and Friday...

As I said, a bit under the weather on the Thursday so it was a quiet day for me, walking the dogs on Gairloch beach and then back home. Marion's friend Avril came up then as well, so it was nice for my beloved to have some quality conversation for the first time during the week. We ended up back out at Badachro for dinner, and it was just as good second time around.

Another evening when I had a few beers too many once I got home, but my view was that just proved I was feeling better.


The weather took a real turn for the worse on the Friday but the afternoon became a roaring success when we built a fire in the kitchen range and found a box full of rainy day board games. Those actually work, you know!

Particularly when plenty of red wine is involved.

And then it was Saturday, and the long road home. I think the dugs were already getting beach withdrawal symptoms.

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