Wednesday 29 April 2009

Economical with the truth... I was.

I had actually got a reply - about 10am this morning, but it was buried under a pile of spam. Still, what it says is:

"Dear Scott

I wish to acknowledge your email in respect of the above issue.

As it happens I have received a considerable amount of emails of
similar nature on this subject.

Therefore I want to personally investigate all the issues surrounding this matter before offering you a definitive response.

I hope you can bear with me in the meantime.


On behalf of

Now, that's either the standard reply that everybody gets about everything, or it means what it says. Given that I'm the trusting type, I'm going for the latter interpretation. On that basis, I surely won't have long to wait for the definitive response, as I'm confident my MP will have completed his investigation in time for him to make up his mind about today's vote.

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  1. The result of the vote was spot on. Red faces for a number of people.