Tuesday 7 April 2009


I got a cheque in from the pet insurance folk for part payment towards the cost of treatment that one of the animals got for some of the many & varied ailments that befall them on a depressingly expensive and regular basis.

£100 of free money, if you ask me! And even better, because I've actually started to go hillwalking again, I felt justified in spending it on stuff that I wanted. Rather than new shoes for work, which I need.


So, thanks to Cotswold Outdoors' sale, and a money off voucher that I had, I was all excited to receive a parcel containing:

It's much more interesting than going to TK Maxx for a pair of black brogues.


  1. That middle photie looks like an oven-ready human. Has the wee dug developed a taste for man-flesh?


  2. Lol. Jorja likes people, but I doubt she could eat a whole one.

    Boom Boom.