Thursday 16 April 2009

It's Not Sad, OK?

Molly's third birthday. Actually, whisper it, but it was her birthday last Thursday, and we forgot about it. I don't think the dug realised though. If she did, she's certainly keeping it quiet.

Jorja got a coat for her birthday but Molly has a sweet tooth and what she likes most of all is cake. And you can't disappoint your dog, now can you?

For anyone who thinks giving dogs cake is cruel and unhealthy, I would like to stress that as the photies prove, she only got a bit because she blew the candles out herself.


  1. Happy birthday, Molly!

    I suppose some folk might argue it's unhealthy, but cruel? How could it be cruel? It's not even really unhealthy if she only gets a bit every 53 weeks. ;O)

  2. Wise words Gordy.

    Plus, we're unlikely to forget it next year, given that it's the same week as your wean's.


  3. That middle photo is an absolute stormer Scott. I just gave Jackie a shout to come up and see it...she left chuckling.

  4. Aye, that middle photie raised a laugh here as well :o) Crackin' dug. Deserves every bit of cake she gets.