Tuesday 12 May 2009

Self Indulgence

It was a thought process very much along the lines of "MPs...expenses...thieving bastards...legalised robbery...modern day pirates...etc" that led me to sticking on some Gilbert & Sullivan on the CD in the car. I love a' that stuff. I have done ever since secondary school, when the teacher (Big Tam Dingwall) who coached the rugby team also produced the annual school show. That meant that the show was never short of an impressive male chorus, because the boys didn't get into the team unless they were prepared to appear on stage. Psychology. Or blackmail, one of the two.

Anyway, here - for my own exclusive enjoyment probably - is Kevin Kline, taking on the role that I subsequently made famous with Kilsyth Music Society.


It also rings a bell with Celtic fans, regardless of their fondness for light opera.

On the subject of our elected members and their struggle to make ends meet, my favourite - yes even more than the gardeners expenses and the moat upkeep - is Stephen Byers' set up. He disny pay rent. These aren't his "expenses". And even if they were...even if it was suggested that he should be able to claim half of the upkeep costs on moral grounds, to soften his partner's burden ...more than £125,000 in seven years?

Civil disobedience. It has to be the way forward. Organising that may just be what the internet is for.


  1. dum dum...dum dum...dum dum...dum dum...

    "Hurrah for the Pirate King, hurrah...

    for the Pi....RAAAAAATE...King"

    dum dum...dum dum...dum dum...dum dum...

  2. Hah - a man of culture and sophistication, just like myself!


  3. Denny High School - Didn't do the "the pirates" but did do Patience 1970 and Iolanthe 1971.

    The Kevin Kline film was a really great version...even the kids liked it! Can't remember how many times we all sat and watched it (lol)!

    First time I heard Gilbert and Suliven was on early LP's (I don't think they were 78's) that my folks had circa 1960. Played them on an early record deck (no sound) that played through an old valve wireless.

    "We were so poor in those days we used't live in hole in't road!"