Saturday 30 May 2009

You Tube

What a great idea, eh?

I've always had a dark secret, in that I like a good country & western song. No shame there.

I've also had the hots for Linda Ronstadt ever since...well, I don't know when.

And then there's my Gilbert & Sullivan...thing.

Accordingly, youse can only imagine my delight when she appeared as Mabel in the "Broadway version" of the Pirates of Penzance.

Mind you, on balance, I probably prefer watching her singing this. I suspect it's a waistcoat thing.

Actually, I've just watched both of those through. That G&S clip has folk performing at the absolute top of their game. (If you got bored early, play it again and wait until Mabel starts singing "Ah leave me not to pine.") And performing live, of course.

Superb, I think.

The waistcoat one's still good, right enough.

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