Saturday 4 July 2009

Eventful Day

Up early, organised and oot the door on time to get Andy with a view to getting a couple of the Mamores done. The forecast was OKish, but there was a distinct lack of motivation. I've always found it easier if there's company to keep on heading for a hill even if you're heart's no' entirely in it...but today the pair of us were less than wholly committed.


Decided to stop for a cuppa in Tyndrum, that really being the last semi-sensible turning point. Highlight of the cafe was the fact that Dyson now do washroom handdriers. Which gives you a flavour of things.


The weather was rubbish by then so the die was probably cast.

It just wisny happening, and there's no point slogging up a steep hill if there'll be no enjoyment in it, so we headed back down the road, turned off into Killin, hired an open canoe for an hour and paddled into Loch Tay, returned to the shop and put a deposit down to buy an ex-hire one when the season ends, had a pint by the Falls of Dochart, set off home, got done for speeding in Lochearnhead and home in time for a late lunch.

Aye - I seem to be joint owner of a canoe. I'm sure I'll write more about that in due course.



  1. Get the pair of you and all your dugs in it then I'll throw in some wee cocktail sausages and take your picture. It'll be fantastic. Best photo ever.

  2. Better still if he forcibly removes the wee canines ...then it could be a "dug-out" canoe!

    Maybe I shouldn't have done that one...that was really bad for my image.