Saturday 25 July 2009

Nae Walking Today

One of the best days of the year weather-wise, and I had been fully intending to get away to Laggan and try to get back on target for two new hills a month.

At the last minute though, Marion ended up having to work 9 'til 1 and then getting asked to cover a shift from 5 'til 2(!); and as her nephew Stuart had arranged to come over to finish off the new deck out the back at which he's been manfully labouring away all week, then all things considered it wisny really appropriate that I disappear to the other end of the country just to pech up a big hill.

And you know what? I'm having a smashing evening putting down decking oil (whatever that might be), soaking up the sunshine, drinking beer and listening to some Creedence on the MP3.

Ah, summer.


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