Wednesday 15 July 2009


I think the end of the world is maybe nigh.

On Monday morning when I was down at the castle with the dugs, there was a fairly sizeable tree which had fallen overnight, and was sort of blocking the path through the woods beside the Clyde. Fair enough.

As I was heading back, I heard the unmistakeable crack of branches breaking, and then falling to the forest floor, not far behind me. That's a bit of a coincidence, I thought. Two in a few hours.

Tuesday morning - just with Molly, of course - I heard another tree falling somewhere at the far end of the wood.

This morning I was walking back up the path from the wood, only to discover it was blocked completely by another tree that had fallen in the 10 minutes since I'd gone down that way. Even Molly was a wee bit freaked!

It's altered the atmosphere of the walk. Rather than revelling in the peaceful solitude of the forest I'm scanning the airspace above me for incoming lumps of wood.


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  1. No sign of the axe weilding Canadian guys in big checked shirts wearing womens clothing then?