Friday 7 August 2009


It's been a bitch of a couple of weeks actually, what with my mum's best pal passing away after a long, hellish battle with illness. Poor Moira.

Poor Martha as well. She's a bit lost. It's left a void in a few lives.

Marion's brother's about half way through his chemotherapy, so we just need to see how that develops.

My maw's cat's no' weel, which isn't what she needs when she's been asked away for a couple of days with her friends to take her mind off things. Oh, and me and Marion leave for a week in Mull tomorrow, and although we're coming back down for Moira's funeral on Tuesday, my mum's still going to be on her own for the few days just after it.

It's no' shaping up to be a terribly relaxing few days for anybody, this holiday.

Ach still - the dugs'll enjoy Calgary beach.

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  1. Sounds like hard times, mate. Let's arrange to get drunk.