Tuesday 18 August 2009


I was doon at the castle with the dugs tonight for a quick constitutional. Later than usual, as me and Marion had been out for a meal earlier, it being my beloved's birthday today.

There was a relatively faint musical throbbing coming from somewhere - a bit like when a youth at the end of the road has his car stereo on at 11, with all his windies shut. At the back of Bothwell Castle of course, there's nothing except inaccessible forest and the Clyde, so it wasn't a nedmobile.


Lugs flapping and eardrums straining I eventually picked up a bit of a recognisable tune by the popular beat combo U2, albeit it was fading in and out with the breeze. Ah - they're playing at Hampden tonight. But that's miles away. It can't be that, surely? Interest piqued, I found this "As the Crow Flies" thing, which, if believed, has the castle just over 6 miles from the stadium. So, based on nothing other than the scientific truism that "it's a lot closer than I thought" I can state, without fear of let or hindrance, that I have heard The Edge playing live.

If I liked U2 I'd probably be quite pleased by tonight's discovery.


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