Monday 28 September 2009

September Weekend

Well, it was obviously a September weekend - although it's a Monday, right enough. Semantics aside we had a nice day off. A quick half an hour of frisbee and tennis ball related activity down the park, then we all jumped into the car and headed to Inveraray for lunch. An hour and a half to get there simply for a bite to eat is probably a wee bit excessive, but we like Inveraray and particularly the George Hotel.

Quite possibly the most dug-friendly establishment in Scotland.

Oh, and the food is rather good too. I can recommend the cold ham (approximately half an inch thick!), fried eggs, and home made chips platter. Soul food, I'm telling you.

I was also hoping to pop in to the Redshanks shop while we were there. I'm needing a new kilt pin as I managed to lose the last one, and I've got a couple of weddings to go to over the next few months. And I can't go out half dressed.

Redshanks was the place that made me my kilt for my 40th, thereby fulfilling a long held ambition to have one of my own - or at least a long held ambition to wear one that actually fitted - but the shop had disappeared, sadly. Of course, if I had checked beforehand, there was a subtle clue on their website.

I'm awa' to google kiltpins.

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