Sunday 20 December 2009

How To Knit A Clanger

Well, who wouldn't want to have that information?


Wool: 2 ozs. Bright Pink. Double Knitting
Needles: No.12

incr. = increase(ing),
K. = knit,
P. = purl,
st.(s) = stitche(s)
st. st. = stocking stitch (1 row k, 1 row p), tog = together,

Cast on 12 st
Work four rows in
Row 5: Incr. in the first and last st.
Row 6: P.
Repeat rows 5 and 6 until there are 44 st. (row 36) ending on a P. row.
Now incr. each end of every K. row until there are 54 st. (Row 41).
Now incr. each end of K. row until there are 70 st. (Row 57)

Row 58: P.14. Cast off 6. P.30. Cast off 6. P.14.
Row 59: Incr. in first st. K.13. Cast on 6. K.30. Cast on 6. K.13. Incr. in last st.
Now incr. at end of K. rows until there are 78 st. (Row 65) Continue no incr. for 2½ inches.

Shape for Bottom
1st Row: K.18. K.2 tog. K.8. K.2 tog. K.18. K. 2 tog. K. 8. K. 2 tog. K. 18.
2nd Row: P.
3rd Row: K.18. K. 2 tog. K. 7. K. 2 tog. K. 16. K. 2 tog. K.7. K. 2 tog. K. 18.
4th Row: P.
5th Row: K.18. K. 2 tog. K. 6. K. 2 tog. K. 14. K. 2 tog. K. 6. K. 2 tog. K.18.
6th Row: P.
7th Row: K. 18. K. 2 tog. K. 5. K. 2 tog. K. 12. K. 2 tog. K. 5. K. 2 tog. K. 18.
8th Row: P.
9th Row: Cast off 7. K.18. Cast off 12. K. to end.
10th Row: Cast off 7.
K. 8 rows of st. st. on each of these sets of stiches.
Cast off.

(Left Ear)
Cast on 4 st.
Row 1: K. 3 incr. in last st.
Row 2: P.
Continue in st. st Incr. in last st. of every K. row until there are 10 st.
(for right ear make incr. in first stitches).
K. 5 rows of st. st.
Next row: K. 2 tog. K. 6. K.2 tog.
Next row: P.
Next row: K. 2 tog. K. 4. K.2 tog.
Next row: P.
Cast off.
Stiffen each ear with pipe-cleaner which pokes into the head when the ear is sewn into place. Cut a small piece of pink felt big enough to stick to the front of the ear.

Cast on 12 stiches.
Row 1: K.
Row 2: P.
Row 3: Incr. in first st. and last st.
Work seven rows st. st.
Row 11: K. Incr. in first and last st.
Work 5 rows st. st.
Cast off.

Make up the arms and sew into the armholes. Cut a half-inch circle of brown felt for the nose and sew into place. Sew up the front body seam and stuff well with kapok or old nylons. Then sew up the bottom and legs. Make the feet, stiffening them with card and sew to the legs, making sure that the legs are well stuffed.
Making sure that the stuffing is tight in the arms, bend two pipe-cleaners in half for each hand and sew into the arm.
Cut out and fix the hair.
Sew on two shiny shoe buttons for eyes.
Sew on the ears.
Stitch under the chin to hold the head down in the right position.
The clothing or armour is made of shape of felt in any colour decorated with stitching and sewn in place.
If the toy is for a small child or baby the wire could be dangerous. Use wool or felt for the fingers instead.

(Once you've finished doing that, you could lose yourself in here for a while!)

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