Sunday 6 December 2009

Three, Day

In a remarkable display of last minute cross-blog organisation, me & Ken managed to arrange to meet for a wander up Meikle Bin in the mist and rain.

I think the idea was originally mooted about a year ago, given that it's a cracking wee hill, and it's fairly local to both of us. Still, you can't rush these things.


In fairness the weather could technically have been worse and the really important thing that we can take from the day is that Maisie, Molly and Jorja seemed to tolerate each other in that way that dugs do. Or don't, had they been less well adjusted dugs.

Personally I think their temperaments are a great credit to their respective owners.

As you'll gather I took some more ropey camera phone photies, but these are mainly out of focus semi-action shots, so at least this week there's a bit of life about the ropeyness.

A good day - very glad we got round to sorting out a wee dugmeet eventually.


1 comment:

  1. We had a great wee wander - never even noticed we were going up hill - too much bleathering! You captured the views pretty well on your wee phone.

    A fantastic piece of organisation - only about a year in the planning and it went like clockwork!