Thursday 4 February 2010

Jesus H Christ In A Chicken Basket

As they say.

Don't ask me why I was googling for a Ninja Turtle image in the first place, but...but...our dugs think they've had a makeover if we buy them new collars.

Extreme dog grooming in Las Vegas, eh? Those crazy-ass Yanks.

Actually... the Grinch isny that bad.



  1. I'm sure that could be clasified as perversion!

  2. Indeed. It's undeniably Just Not Right.

  3. It wouldn't be so bad if the women didn't look worse than the dugs! Seeing all that via your new widescreen-look theme has been a bit of a shock - I'm off to clean my eyeballs with sandpaper and bleach, in an effort to rid myself of those images.