Wednesday 28 April 2010

Hands Across The Border

(Preamble - we need a new telly. I don't watch much telly, but I fancy the ability to see the World Cup in HD.)

I want England to do well. Honestly, I do. Wayne Rooney is a fantastic footballer, and I genuinely want to see him affirm his claim to being the best player in the world. Don't get me wrong, I detest the Chelsea contingent - not because they play for Chelsea, simply because they all come across as detestable - but I'd like their national team to have a great run this summer.

It's the eternal Scottish lament of course that the reason we don't want them to actually go all the way and win the World Cup is because of the Press, and the crowing that they'll do for the next, what, 44 years. My own view is that if they come out on top then they're quite entitled to crow as long as they want. (The bit that gets me is in the buildup, when they fret about who they'll meet in the semi-final, before anyone's kicked a ball.)

If they do manage to win the thing, then one interesting effect will be that there'll almost certainly be a huge groundswell of opinion north of the border in support of Alec Salmond's referendum, so we could well end up securing independence on the back of it.

Even with that, and even with my desire to see them perform well, I still wasn't entirely, completely, one hundred percent sure how I'd feel in the event of an England victory.

Until I saw this.

That'd take the edge off, eh?



  1. Have to agree about Rooney - he's a fantastic player. But Messi's probably a wee bit better.

    I don't even need a new TV but I'm tempted!

  2. Actually, I think it's probably the Scottish market that Toshiba are after - I mean all the English fans will surely have bought their big new tellys the day after they qualified.

  3. For a minute (after a couple of glasses of red wine) I thought the link was through to a inverted variation of the hand of Ulster (lol).

    Then I focussed a wee bit harder...ooops!