Friday 4 June 2010

Slightly Sweary Alert

I forgot to mention that Marion & Avril went to see Alicia Keys at the SECC a couple of weeks back. Phenomenal, they said. A proper class act. So in the first place, it's an excuse to post a picture.

Secondly however, their trip coincided with Andy pointing out this wee gem to me that he'd unearthed on Youtube. I have to say that although everything about it shouts "homemade" it wouldn't entirely surprise me if there was some professional thought went into this. It helps if you're familiar with the lovely Alicia's original version I suppose, but you can get the drift nonetheless.

Makes me smile anyway.


  1. and eating chips and cheeeeeeeese

    I loled :)

  2. That's generally the line that gets me too.


  3. rofl... brilliant! :o)