Saturday 3 July 2010

Ben Venue is Squinty

That's obviously a shock in itself, but what's possibly more alarming is that the discovery has prompted a new post. What's more alarming still is that it's only squinty when viewed from a canoe...and I found that out from personal experience today!

Aye - the canoe that lives in the garage. Me & Andy's canoe. It was oot for a wander on Loch Venachar today.

You're right. Nobody was expecting that.

Cracking fun. We should do it more often. My arms are exactly as painful as my legs usually are just after a hillwalk, so that's nice too.



  1. Fooling about on the water. FIne way to take in the views.

  2. Cheers Martin. First trip of many, I hope. It helps now that we've learned how to tie the thing onto the top of Andy's car properly.


  3. I'd forgotten all about that canoe. Did it remember what to do when it hit the water? It's been a while you know!

    I've photos of a few mountains have that same degree of squintiness. I didn't have the excuse of having taken them from a canoe either!