Wednesday 21 July 2010

Change of tack

I've been thinking that much of the blame for the lack of posting on here in recent months is attributable to the fact that I haven't been doing anything that's worth writing down. In the good old - well, slightly more productive old - days, there was a reasonable chance that I'd get up a hill at the weekend, or go away camping, or visit some vaguely interesting location that struck me as worth recording. And then I'd share it with all those folk eagerly awaiting news of my latest adventure.

Since the munrobagging has all but ground to a halt though, the blog has followed suit.

So this week I'm adopting a bold new "cart before the horse" approach and thus can exclusively reveal that I am going to walk up a hill on Saturday. Mount Keen, in fact.

This intention (nay, commitment!) having been intimated, the die has been irrevocably cast so I can't possibly back out now. And accordingly I will have something to blog about come next week.

Anybody fancy joining the expeditionary force feel free to shout. If there's time on the way back I'm wanting to go and see Bon Scott's statue in Kirriemuir. How could anyone resist that day of double delights?


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