Tuesday 6 July 2010

Predictably...more Bynack More

The inertia having been at least partly overcome, I've felt able to stick up a few more of the photies from the latter half of the last trip. Not that they're particularly special, but the world can always use pictures of dugs having fun in the Cairngorms if you ask me.

It's good that there are various pools of water that let the dogs get a drink on the way. It's not quite so good that some of them are full of manky muddy bogwater.

That particular stank puddle was just below the plateau leading up to the hill proper. Once you're over the shoulder of Bynack More the views open out towards Cairngorm and Ben Macdui.

And from there it was only five minutes to the summit. Molly did her usual posing thing for the camera at the top...

...and then went all huffy diva-ish when Cara muscled in on the summit photos:

Thankfully the dugs found some cleaner water sources on the descent, which got the worst of the muck off them. Pure new snowmelt. It did look refreshing, in fairness. Good for the paws and the soul, I imagine.

The water in the Nethy was just as crystal clear, but there was a notable shortage of sticks. Despite the dugs' close examination of the area.

From there it's an enjoyable tramp over a cracking path to the "Braemar sign" junction and then back up the Ryvoan Pass to Glenmore Lodge. Here's Cara showing the way home.

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