Wednesday 25 August 2010

Matters of taste

Me and my beloved both had the day off on Monday, so we decided to throw caution to the wind and treat ourselves to a spot of lunch. We settled on a trip to the Sheriffmuir Inn, where we'd stopped for a quick drink a couple of weeks back, and the place had looked rather nice, so seemed worth a punt for a bite to eat.

A wise choice, as it turned out. The food was fantastic. One of those places where you feel confident in trying something a wee bit different. Hare, in my case. I'm not sure I was aware that I'd never tried it before until I was confronted with it on the menu, but nothing ventured, etc.

Highly recommended - as long as you do "gamey" stuff, because it was certainly that. I was trying to convince myself that it was still a relatively healthy option, but I suspect the accompanying mashed potato with truffle oil wasn't backing that theory up. And I should have left the cheeseboard alone. Still - we were on our holidays.

It not only scores highly on the food front, but it's also somewhere that can be added to the "good places to eat that let dugs into the bar" list. Worth a visit - although check out the opening times, as it's a bit out of the way and keeps slightly odd hours.

Oh, and predictably:

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  1. Like foody recommendations! Must give it a try.

    It used to be owned by Andy Robins, the wrestler. That's where he kept Hercules the bear. Jackie used to work beside a girl (1970's) who worked as a barmaid in the place - constantly fighting off the amorous intentions of Big Hercy!