Wednesday 4 August 2010

This week, I has mostly been...

...standing on my hind legs in court, unfortunately. Something has to have gone badly wrong when I've got a 5 day Proof running this week, and a 3 day yin starting next week. It's no' very good, this actually having to work for a living.
I knew it was going to be hectic so I treated myself to some new CDs to cheer me up while driving to work in the mornings. I felt ever so slightly guilty getting four separate wee packages from Amazon through the letter box on the one day - it's ages since I've blown a whole £20 on music. ;)

There's a certain genre evident in three of the four discs, I suppose. The fourth is very much "left field" in comparison. Left field in a "middle of the road" sense, of course.


And out of all those riches, this week I has also mostly been listening to the Shinedown lads. Nae idea what Lara Croft has to do with the price of cheese, mind you:


  1. CDs? How quaint. ;)
    I have a rather expensive CD player which sits idle mostly these days. Hvaen't bought one in ages...

  2. It's a car thing, I suppose. I hardly ever listen to CD's in the house anymore but I'd be lost without music when I'm driving. And as everyone knows, it seems impossible to get decent radio reception in Scotland once you get north of about Perth, so the (occasionally!) keen hillwalker needs access to compact discs.