Friday 29 October 2010

Animal health update

The Wee Black Dug is still apparently responding well to the new medicine; no more unexpected puddles, and her tail is back to its formerly majestically waggable self - although there's a definite kink in it. I'll keep you posted as to whether either, or both, of those features turn out to be permanent.

Bob the cat has however been in the wars again with Sam the Big Ginger Cat From Next Door, so that resulted in today's trip to the vet where he had an abscess in his head drained, and was given an antibiotic.

The current treatment list in here is:

 Bob the cat:  Fortekor for his kidney problems (1 pill twice per day)
                      Long lasting antibiotic (to be reviewed at vet on Monday)
                      Heid to get drained of pus every two hours. Aye, by us.   :o/

Mel the cat: Metacam for her arthritic back legs (1 dose in the morning)

Jorja: Propalin for the waterworks (1 dose 3 times per day)

It's like M.A.S.H. in here, I kid you not. And that song would be too predictable even for me, so I'll go for a favourite from a related discipline.

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