Thursday 11 November 2010

I will say this much...

I've got no problem with folk who choose not to wear a poppy. Each to their own. I understand that there's a perfectly proper, valid argument that it's the State that sends folk off to war and, accordingly, the State should provide properly for the casualties the decision brings. The viewpoint that it shouldn't be left to charitable donations.

The bit I really can't accept is how my own personal choice to pay a couple of pounds and put a poppy on my lapel can be considered by anybody else to be anything other than an acknowledgement that folk who die in the service of their country - whatever that country might be - deserve a wee bit of remembrance. I'm confident I'm not the only one who doesn't intend it as any more of a political gesture than that. (Not that I'd thought of it any other way until the always well-reasoned point was being put to me tonight!)

I'm also glad they halted the business at the Court in Airdrie this morning at 11, and that the Sheriff got everyone up on their feet for a minute's silence. Pretty proactive of her, in this day and age. She even got the Bar Officer to lock the doors. "To stop people wandering in." she said. Aye, maybe. Or maybe to stop one or two of the folk already inside wandering out.

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