Monday 15 November 2010

Rush to judgement

I had caught sight of bits of this video, but hadn't followed it up. If I'm honest I leapt to the conclusion that the lads were rather too posh university, Sunday supplementy, kid-on folkies with unfeasibly clean white sweaters to appeal to my grounded tastes.

However, closer analysis and a setting aside of prejudices reveals that I actually think this is a fantastic tune. I hope it proves as much of an earworm for you as it's been doing for me.


  1. I just picked the CD up the other day but I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.

    Anyway, Little Lion Man is a better tune than that. :O)

  2. There may be some truth in that!

    Either way, if you learn the chords we've got a new party piece for the pub.

  3. I play the guitar about as well as a spaniel when I've been drinking. It'll be a real treat for the other patrons.

    The Cave sounds easy enough. Something very like DADGAD but not quite I think. Little Lion Man capo at 5th and fuck about with Am, C, G and F shapes. Would need to sit down and work them out properly.

    Need to get a banjo too, of course. Tracy will be delighted.