Wednesday 8 December 2010

Snow Day(s)

I'm going to fulminate about this at some length when I'm feeling a bit better balanced, but for the moment - having only managed to get home at about 6pm today (Wednesday) following upon my departure for work early on Monday morning - I thought I'd post a couple of cameraphone pictures of Airdrie taken over the last 24 hours.

Don't get me wrong; I was enormously grateful that my mum lives only half an hour's walk from our office, and she was able to put me up. I couldn't get home, but I was lucky. I do confess to some disquiet at the fact that the pictures show the state of the roads around her house nearly three days after the "severe/unexpected/perfect storm" snowfall that's been making the headlines.

Anyway - looks cold, eh?

Cheers Martha!  ;0)

Looking uphill from my mother's hoose

Looking - you guessed it - downhill

And doonhill again

Main road between Airdrie & Glenmavis

Turn right for the local secondary school!

The Top Cross, Airdrie. 9am rush hour.

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