Friday 17 December 2010

Yon Assange chap has nothing on me

I can't reveal names or locations for obvious reasons, but I was in ******** ******* Court today, and got chatting to a chap in the agents room who lives in a rather upmarket neck of the woods not too far from the court. It's quite a high up neck, as it were, so it catches a lot of snow.

Snow, of course, has been a common topic of conversation up here over the past fortnight.

Anyway, he was explaining that he'd lived in the same house for about twenty years, and every winter there was liable to be a period of at least a week or so when they were effectively stuck in their road because of the accumulation of snow, and how there was a long running feud with the Council about getting any sort of assistance with the problem, and that the folk that lived in the area had eventually decided it was too much hassle to keep arguing, and they'd just make their own arrangements, at their own expense, when the conditions demanded. And...well...the folk that live there can afford it, he accepts that, so fair enough all round.

Against that background, he admitted that he was enormously - and pleasantly - surprised when last Wednesday there was a huge flurry of Local Authority activity in the surrounding area: the remains of the snowdrifts were cleared; the roads were gritted; there were chaps out shovelling ice off the pavements and there were even a couple of salt bins left at strategic points. Hugely impressed he was, at the newly found commitment to the local residents safety during periods of adverse weather. Then, as he put it, he noticed a strangely familiar face on the TV later that night.

"The bloke that lives four doors down. He kept himself to himself - I had no idea what he did for a living"


  1. Still none the wiser here - we know his name and his job-title, but what does he actually do?


  2. Thus far, sleepovers in the office.