Sunday 30 January 2011

Longest Ever Mamores Round

I was thinking about this earlier today. I've been hillwalking for roughly eight years now, and in all that time I've been at the top of seven different Mamore Munros.

Even disregarding my predictable reluctance to go anywhere near something that revels in the name "Devil's Ridge", that's still pretty slow going for someone who actually lives less than three hours from Fort William. Accordingly, I thought I'd better make public my avowed intention to finish the entire Mamore collection some time in early 2014.

When I'll be 50.

Hell's Bells.

Anyway, this unusual period of introspective gloom was prompted by a rather enjoyable wee jaunt up Mullach nan Coirean yesterday. I don't know - maybe something about the walk was giving me a subliminal message that it's time for a change of direction.


  1. Scott you don't need to do the Devil's Ridge to get them all done but you would miss out on some crackin views. It aint that bad

    So where did they send you on your mystery tour?

  2. Not putting up another wind farm are they? Harumph

  3. It was to do with dangerous tree felling operations, the signs said. The whole thing was a bit pointless though - the work has obviously finished, but the path that they wanted to keep you away from has been completely obliterated anyway!

  4. They did the same thing on Ben Ledi 8 years or so ago. Even went so far as to leave trees across what was left of the path. I keep meaning to go back and see how the new one turned out.

  5. In fairness, it doesn't seem to happen all that much - to me anyway - that routes are "closed" altogether. And, we ignored it on the way down anyway, of course.

    Hmmm - been ages since I've walked up Ben Ledi. I like the Lade Inn at Kilmahog too.
    I can feel a plan coming together. ;0)