Tuesday 15 March 2011

Holidays at home

I've got the week off, and the whole point behind that was so I could just sort of...potter a bit. Stuff to do in the garden, clearing up generally, few wee bits & pieces to do around the house. The only genuine target was to get away for a wild camp somewhere. A whole week to do it in, so the only thing that would really scupper the plans was unexpectedly snowy, wet weather.

The way things are looking out the window the now, it'll be an achievement if I get up a hill at all. I'm nearly thinking of adopting the tactic of booking a room in a hotel somewhere in the middle of nowhere to encourage me to get away, but it's rather an expensive method of climbing a new Munro.

I can see why sensible folk take time off their work in the summer.   ;0)


  1. Bit of a bugger that!

    Was it not wild enough for you then Scott?

  2. ;0)

    Of course, now the forecast for the North West for tomorrow is fantastic...but I've already made my official "domestic pottering" list.

    Further, by the time I'd have paid for a room at the Cluanie Inn for me & the WBD; plus dinner; plus beer; plus petrol, I'd be cheaper buying the new boots I desperately need. Which has to be a better investment!

  3. Boots ain't much use if you don't go anywhere (lol).

  4. Oh hush - I've very nearly convinced myself!