Saturday 2 April 2011

Streap Alba

1. Click

2. Make sure you keep an eye on what Alan Sloman continues to unearth.

3. Speak to your sympathetic pals. I've a notion this is indeed a step too far, and it's possible that folk could make a difference to the outcome. There's an election imminent, remember.


  1. Indeed.
    It's an opportunity (duty ?) for all of us who live in Scotland to nip the heids of the canvassers on this issue and make them realise that it is a potential vote winner/loser.

  2. Thanks for the link, Scott.

    To stop this scheme it really is down to political pressure from the Scots themselves and a general outcry from all hill walkers who visit Scotland, so that the politicians realise that the tourism WILL suffer as the numbers who go to the Cairngorms drop off.

    As an example, tt is far cheaper for me, living in East Anglia, to go to the Pyrenees than Scotland. In the past it not something I wold have even contemplated, but now this choice is something that more and more walkers will be considering as Scotland is buried under steel towers.

  3. I wonder how many of the canvassers will even know about it, especially if you live in central Scotland. It certainly wont be high on their priority of things to speak to you about

    Yes this upcoming election is going to be a very interesting time in Scotland and I hope that apathy doesn't leave us all wishing we'd spoke up sooner

  4. Not another useless pile of junk and eyesore?...
    Ah well something else to bend the candidates ears about.
    Opportunistic money grabbing vandals. Keep digging Alan.