Friday 1 April 2011

Unclear on the concept:

In fairness, he's not much more than a kitten.



  1. Well founded bird table! It's holding up well considering the eccentricity of the loading. You have quair pigeons in your part of the world Scott.

    BTW Blog header photo is superb! They're not pretending to be seagulls are they?

  2. You need a bigger table. The cat can't get in.

  3. My original plan for the bird table was to put together something that an albatross could land on, but I got bored during the construction of the lower elements, and ended up buying a wee ready made top bit. So you're right - it's going to take more than a cat to topple it.

    And I'm told by my beloved that the first time Dave climbed up he did indeed squeeze his front half under the wee roof, and was sort of half in, half oot for quite some time. Now that would be a photie worth getting.