Saturday 16 July 2011

Careful now!

I was restocking my hillwalking first aid kit, seeing as how I actually walked up a hill last week. It's just a basic homemade collection of the usual bits & pieces. Rennies, mainly.  ;0)

But look:

£4.72 - Go Outdoors

£1.69 - Aldi

You'll probably guess that I got the first lot, whereas Marion came home with the Aldi alternative.

Rip off plasters. As it were.

Down with this sort of thing!


  1. You can't beat Aldiddlyidl for this sort of thing.

    Their VibaSept disinfectant wipes are excellent.

    Their Health Essentials Spray-on Plaster isn't to be sniffed at either :-)

  2. Great to find a hillwalker who also appreciates Father Ted, Warren Zevon and John Hiatt.

  3. Indeed - you could do worse than live your life according to the outlooks and philosophies of those three.

    Except maybe Zevon.


  4. This is a really funny blog! Thanks for the entertainment... I too always have a pack of Rennies when out walking and I always forget my blister plasters!