Saturday 10 December 2011

Indian sign

Four times. Four.

And it's not really as if Meall nan Eun is a notoriously difficult hill to get up. Unless you're me or Andy. Or indeed Gordy, now that I think of it, but he's only tangentially implicated in the first failure. ;0)

Regardless, we had a smashing five hour walk in the (as Andy put it) "upper reaches of Glen Ceitlin" today, so I'm still quite happy, embarrassment notwithstanding, to share a few of the photies that my new phone managed to come up with.

Disclaimer: this wasn't taken today. Today's road was worse!
Incidentally, if you're thinking about venturing
into that neck of the woods in the next few days,
be advised that the Glen Etive road is something
of a nightmare at the minute. Unsalted, untreated,
lined with fallen trees hurriedly amputated by the
Forestry folk to clear a car-sized path, and 
largely perilous throughout, even for those of
us lucky enough to be travelling in appropriate

 Our Day Oot

There's deer here, honest!

I do like this one

The early turnaround meant we were home by 5pm. Hillwalks and brownie points. Better than ticks, I reckon.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like another fine day out, Scott.

    I was looking at your last pic and comparing it to my Caiston Glen one, thinking that there's not a hell of a lot of difference snow-wise.

    You still win on the deer & dugs count, though :-)