Wednesday 29 February 2012

Beinn na Lap

There's not an awful lot to the route description if you're having a go at this one from Corrour. Here's what Walkhighlands says, with added real-life illustrations!

1. Catch a train to Corrour Station. The remotest stop on the UK rail network, it isn't accessible by road.

 The large building...

...has long been an independent hostel and cafe but in 2010 was taken over as a SYHA hostel to complement the small rustic hostel near the Loch. Begin the walk along the vehicle track across the moor to the east.

 When the track forks follow it round to the left.

 The tiny Loch Ossian Youth Hostel is visible on the near shore of the loch.

2. At a second fork in the track turn left once more, passing an iron barrier. This track is signed as part of the Road to the Isles. Almost straight away the track swings left; leave it here and follow a faint boggy path that heads directly for the west ridge of Beinn na Lap. After a gentle start it begins climbing straight up the moorland ahead, with good views looking back over Loch Ossian.

3. The slope eases into the broad ridge of Ceann Caol Beinn na Lap. Head up this towards the summit; there are some rocky undulations along the way.

 Before reaching the summit there is square windshelter cairn on the right hand edge of the ridge overlooking Loch Ossian.

 4. Finally the true summit cairn is reached - the high level start minimised the effort involved in getting here and it can be hard to believe this is really a Munro.

 Nonetheless the views do not disappoint as Beinn na Lap gives a fine perspective on the arc of higher summits around as well as a more open sweep towards Rannoch Moor.




  1. Apart from the cold, the rain and the mist, it looks like a fine day out!! And lets face it, you know the views are there so you don't actually need to see them and it leaves you with a reason to go back. Stay positive!!...J

  2. Apparently, Beinn na Lap translates into English as The Hill of Perpetual Mists. Popular legend has it that no one has ever seen anything from the top. Welcome to the club. Shame though . . .
    Alen McF